This is an awesome store!
One cannot help but smile when walking in the door. There is instant excitement to check out all the various fish, animals, reptiles etc... It's like going to the zoo.
The owners are extremely personal and very knowledgeable when asking questions.
We are so blessed to have a store like this in our community and hopefully everyone will support it.

Donna B



This store has excellent fish and a wide variety. I also remember when my tank was going through a cycle called the nitrate cycle that will kill all my fish and did to some and they actually gave me there water from there tanks to stop it and it saved my tank and fish and they didn't even charge us. Best fish store ever!

Frankie I.
East Hartford, CT



I don't know what to say about this place besides its simply Amazing. Tony and his wife are great, they will answer all of your questions and recommend the best items to suite your needs. Unlike other places they will not sell you items you don't need or are not ready for. The store is unlike any other, good selection of freshwater and saltwater fish with tanks that are meticulously cared for. In addition to fish they sell birds and reptiles. I highly recommend anyone to go there, you wont be disappointed!

Jay B.
Stamford, CT



This is by far the best fish store around! Very helpful and always willing to give great tank advise!!

Jeri K.
Darien, CT



It is NOT easy finding a place to buy supplies for your snake in Stamford, CT. Luckily, I stumbled upon Fish Bowl Pets. Not only is it walking distance, but they have a wide variety of choices of supplies per pet!

I was only in there for snakes, (and they had everything i needed), but they seem to have it all; dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, various exotic fish, and other reptiles as well.

The staff is extremely helpful as well, they'll help you find everything you need, and help you to your car.

I'll definitely be using this place as my snake feeding store, and if i happen to get something like a hedgehog, well, i know they'll help me out with that too.

They're closed on mondays, but thats a small price to pay for a great store.

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Amanda D.
San Diego, CA



This place is a diamond in the rough, so put down the smart phones and turn off the video games and bring the kids to the Fish Bowl. This mom and pop shop is like a nature center with no admission, and Grace and Tony will recommend the right setup of fish, reptiles or baby mammals for you or your children that's exciting and educational and works well within your budget.

Rick P.
Stamford, CT



My dad loves this place. Hes really into fish tanks and reptiles. Hes always raved about it to me then finally I went with him a few weeks ago, My fishtank has been over run by algae and I couldn't get it under control. The owner offered many solutions to my problem. I ended up with a plant as I well as a few fish. The Owner recommended several types of fish to add to my tank. He really knew the temperament and habits of all the fish he sells. I was so impressed with his knowledge. I got my fish home and they are all doing really well. My algae problems are over! The tank looks amazing and my fish are healthy and happy. Overall- Id go here any day over a large chain store.

Ashley C.
Stamford, CT



By far the best Pet Shop I have been to
The experience and knowledge of the folks at Fish Bowl is an incredible resource for the owners of pets of all kinds. The staff is as kind as they are helpful. The products they offer are all top-notch as well. As a loving pet owner in the area, I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere for my pet's needs.

B Kriskey



Fantastic Pet Store!
Fish Bowl Pets is a wonderful neighborhood pet store. I bought a gecko for my son at Fish Bowl several months ago. Tony and his staff have been so helpful and patient answering the many questions we have had regarding our new pet. Quality service and care! Thanks Fish Bowl for the great service and your personal touch!

chrisjoe38 (from Yelp)



Very Helpful Advice
Tony was extremely helpful the other day regarding my ball python (Alex) who has not been eating for a couple of months. I now have a snake that is eating again. Thanks Tony!

Alex the Ball Python (from YellowPages.com)



Friendly and excellent fish pet shop
I have been a customer of the Fish Bowl for about 20 years. I have found their service to be excellent. I have specially ordered fish from Tony, and have been very satisfied. I have boarded my fish at the Fish Bowl, without any problems. Tony patiently answers my questions, and gives sound advice. He knows my tank, and fish population, and makes suggestions; more like a consultant than a salesman.

countyo (from YellowPages.com)



Great Pet Store
We've had great experiences with this local pet store, unlike many national firms the people at the store are knowledgeable. We had problems with our fish tanks and were losing lots of fish our former stores answer seemed to be "buy more fish", instead of solving the problem. Highly recommended !



Best in Town!
We love this place for several reasons. First, it's a great place to see unusual animals, amphibians and reptiles, fresh and marine fish. Then, Tony and Grace, the proprietors, are very knowledgeable about everything having to do with their small pets! They are generous with their time, explaining the habits/requirements of the various critters in this store. They are also very helpful with prolem solving once the pet has gone home with you. Fish Bowl will sometimes sell used cages, aquariums, etc., so keep an eye out if you are just starting out. They have an animal program for young kids on Saturdays, and they 'kennel' rodents, lizards, birds, and even fish for a nominal fee, if you can't find a sitter while you are on vacation.

jimmy0123 (from YellowPages.com)


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